1. Profile Extrusion - non recurring cost includes; design, engineering of dies, part development and first

        articles for customer approval. There is no charge for dies which will remain the property of SRG Plastics

        for the exclusive use of our customer.  Development costs to be paid in advance.

   2.  Injection Molding - injection molds will be designed and built by SRG Plastics for our customer.  Molds

        will be owned by our customer and remain in our possession in order to run production exclusively for

        our customer.  Payment terms to be 50% with purchase order and balance to be paid upon completion.

  3.  Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold SRG Plastics harmless in the event of any loss resulting from patent

        or trademark infringements.  SRG Plastics will not do any patent or trademark search and assumes no

        liability whatsoever for customer’s products.

  4.   Freight is FOB Factory with goods being packaged according to “commercial freight standards”  SRG

        Plastics assumes no liability for freight loss or damage once goods leave our dock.  In some cases SRG

        will arrange freight for our customers but only with their approval.

   5.  Because of certain conditions when manufacturing plastic goods, all orders will be subject to a plus or

        minus 10% shipping quantity.

   6.  Customers who wish to terminate the business relationship, agree to purchase any of their custom goods

        held in our inventory for future releases.

   7.  Quotations are good for 30 days unless otherwise stated.

  8.  Blanket orders are subject to review and price adjustment only when raw materials increase in price.

   9. SRG Plastics will assist in selecting plastic materials, but it’s the customers responsibility to

        determine if the material is suitable for intended usage.

10.   SRG Plastics will manufacture goods according to drawings submitted or approved by the

        customer.  Fit, function and suitability of parts are the responsibility of the customer.  SRG Plastics

        will not be responsible for any liability that arises from the use or misuse of these products.

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