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Injection molding involves heating plastic to high temperatures, sometimes in excess of 600 degrees

and forcing the liquid plastic, under extreme pressure and clamping force into a steel mold.  The

mold is then rapidly chilled and the part is ejected.  This happens all with-in seconds.  Injection molding

is the ultimate method for part manufacturing, where complex geometry and high levels of detail are

required with high volume production.        

Special characteristics of injection molded parts…

- reinforced with glass or graphite, exhibits metal characteristics

- resistant to extreme hot or cold temperatures -40 to 500F

- resistant to caustic chemicals and ultra violet light exposure

- low CLTE (co-efficient of linear thermal expansion) good for outdoor applications

- exhibit rubber like characteristics when using thermoplastic elastomers

- anti-stat inhibitors for electronic requirements

- chrome plated for automotive applications

   - parts with complex geometry and high levels of

     detail are easily achieved

   - cycle times are fast making parts cost effective

   - multiple parts made in one mold meeting

     production demands

   - close tolerances are easily met, sometimes

     under .001 of an inch.


Advantages with injection molding...

For a definition of common plastic terms see  plastic terms

For a guide to some common plastic materials see material selection

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material selection

design aids

  - process a wide range of materials

  - overmolding and hand loading threaded inserts   

  - 75 - 700 ton injection molding machines

  - 2 grams to 64 ounce in part weight

  - part design and CAD drawing services

  - SLA modelling (3-D printing)

  - U.S. and offshore mold manufacturing

  - full fabrication and CNC machine services

  - 24 hr / 7 day production capabilities

Some of our capabilities include...

Depending on your requirements, literally thousands

of materials can be injection molded.  These range

from polypropylene used in toys, to ABS used in

consumer electronics, to nylon used for engineering

grade applications, to silicone used for high heat

requirements.  Click here for our material selection

guide, to learn about  some common materials.


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