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A Plastic Extrusion Company SRG PLASTICS SRG tm EST 1980 SRG Plastics plastic extrusions SRG Plastics plastic extrusions

profile extrusion

injection molding


design aids

material selection

  custom plastic extrusion… a thermoplastic

  profile extrusion with a continuous cross-section

  click here for detailed information!

  some common extrusions we manufacture…

  pvc tubing                         

  pvc channels                    

  pvc rod                              

  abs tubing                         

  abs channels                    

  abs rod

  polypropylene profiles

  styrene profiles                              

Since 1980 SRG Plastics has supplied Custom Plastic Extruded Products to many industries

including…  Aerospace - Medical - Construction - Electronic - Retail - Automotive - Lighting   

RV Industry - Door / Window - Manufacturing - to name a few.  We offer quick turn around

times and welcome short production runs.  Give us a try for your next extrusion project we

can assist with design and material selection as we guide you through the process.  Click

on design aids and or material selection for detailed information!

fabrication and machining…

secondary operations such as

cutting drilling punching taping

SRG Plastics fabrication SRG Plastics injection molding

custom injection molding…

parts with complex geometry

and high levels of detail

Additional services offered to our customers…

Often times our customers require additional services or secondary operations.

Sometimes companion injected molded parts or fabricated parts are required

to complete an assembly.  We are pleased to offer molding and fabrication to

our line of custom products!  Please click on custom injection molding and or

fabrication and machining for detailed information!

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design aids

a comprehensive guide

in efficient profile design

SRG Plastics material selection

material selection

select the right material

for your plastic extrusion

SRG Plastics design aids

Click here for extrusion examples!

polyethylene tubing

polyehylene profiles

acrylic lens

acrylic profiles

polycarbonate lens

polycarbonate profiles

tpr mouldings

tpr profiles

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