call us at:  928 474-2985 or e-mail: request information or a quotation contact us tri-extrusion - 3 color and 2  durometer enclosure with a  flexible hinge in orange and a clear window ball and socket hinge with 2 rigid materials white area is a square tube extrusion gray area is the steel die - note that the center section has to be supported by the 4 red pins.  This is referred to as a mandrel and adds to the complexity of die making white area is a “U” channel extrusion. This die is much easier to make, as it is cut into the solid block of steel Die design 2 color co-extrusion red and blue 2 color co-extrusion black and clear 2 durometer co-extrusion - rigid in  dark green and flexible in orange  good for hinge applications conventional 1 color and 1 durometer plastic extrusion examples of extrusions Profile extrusion allows for endless possibilities in design.   From soft and flexible to stiff and rigid and available in any  color and any material, customers have hundreds of options  when developing their products.  See below. TYPES OF EXTRUSION
SRG tm EST 1980